Kudzai M Mubaiwa talks about why there is a clear need for women to have resources for them to attain real freedom, with a leaning towards strong networks they can activate for tangible forms of wealth. The conversation emphasizes how economic empowerment brings options.

Investor Saint + Future + Female + Zimbabwe + iZone Hub + open:fora

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Friedrich Lindenberg talks me through the investigative journalism data tools developed by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and details of the Azerbaijani Laundromat. He is optimistic about the potential for lasting and significant structural change to dismantle the complex financial industries that support organised crime & money laundering worldwide. We agree on the importance of pirate radio!

Organised Crime + Money Laundering + Data Journalism + OCCRP + #DNL15

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Simon Shuster talks in the Transit Lounge at Dark Havens about the importance of the work journalists do as the immune system of a society.

"Investigative journalists expose things most people would agree we do not want – organised crime, corruption, illicit wealth and inequalities."

As journalists bring these secrets to light, it's important for people to understand and hear what we do, to have the media literacy to understand the kinds of conversations and complexity that goes into dealing with a story, and the synergy between journalists and activists in civil society to push for change.

Tax Havens + Investigative Journalism + Time Magazine + Berlin + #DNL15

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Economic Space Agency (ECSA) is building the next generation network infrastructure for programmable economies. Most blockchain and distributed ledger technologies applications are oriented toward the creation of distributed markets, reinforcing rather than disrupting oligarchic concentration of wealth over time and questioning what “value” is actually traded. ECSA offers something different: a fully integrated, commons-oriented approach to cryptoeconomy.

Economic Space + Cryptophilosophy + Post-Capitalism + Speculative Economy + Fabulation

I met with Erik Bordeleau at the ECSA 'Economic Space Design Program' in the Haus der Statistik Werkstatt in Berlin to find out exactly what is 'Economic Space' and how we can claim agency. The readings and notes come from the subsequent 'Token Logic Design' seminar series with Erik at the School of Disobedience, Art and the Blockchain.

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Frederik Obermaier on global crime & collaborative reporting, the demise of the 'lone wolf' investigative journalist, Panama Papers cocktails, writing that email to Vladimir Putin, and a thank you message to John/Jane Doe for the 11.5 million files contained in the Panama Papers.

The stories are global, crimes are global and journalism needs to be global: Frederik dishes on the complexities of working collaboratively with 400 journalists from 80 countries over a year to publish the Panama Papers.

Tax Havens + Investigative Journalism + Collaboration + Panama Papers + #DNL15

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RYBN walk us through the Offshore Tour Operator to explore local traces of the transnational and liquid financial industry, and introduce classic tax avoidance schemes the Double Irish, Singapore Sling, Bermuda Black hole and Dutch Sandwich. Offshore Tour Operator directs the user through addresses from the ICIJ Offshore Leaks database to discover & map the local premises of businesses listed in the Offshore Leaks, Bahamas Leaks, Panama Papers, and Paradise Papers.

A situationist GPS prototype for psychogeographic drift encouraging you to create concrete visual representation of the opaque and offshore, thus reshaping the imaginary around tax havens. Photographs of buildings listed at each address capture the offshore economies in the local landscape, architecture and environments.

Tax Haven Tourism + Algorithmic Investment + Psychogeography + Art as Financial Optimiser + #DNL15

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Nicholas Shaxson unveils the secrets of the seriously, filthy rich and talks me through how many of the world's offshore tax havens are not only tropical islands, but actually British & OECD territories. Just what effect does that shadowy 'spider web' network of wealth extraction have on our societies? How are offshore tax havens central to the global economy? What is the finance curse? Listen to find out more!

Tax Havens + Treasure Islands + Finance Curse + Tax Justice Network + #DNL15

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Stéphanie Gibaud

talks about becoming a spy for the French authorities, the impact on her life and ongoing search for justice after blowing the whistle on tax fraud at UBS.

Tax Havens + UBS + Whistleblowers + Tax Justice + #DNL15

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Tomer Sofinzon offers a glimpse into the future with an open-source personal data locker and digital assistant, and promises me the Pillar Project unconference [Vilnius 15-21st July] is not only for geeks!

Blockchain + Bitcoin + Pillar + ICO + Cryptocurrency + Data + Finance + Society + Technology

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Viktorija Mickutė brings immersive documentaries to life, sharing diverse voices and a global perspective with stories told by the people most directly affected by climate change, food insecurity and conflict in personal and community narratives.

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