June 5, 2018

Every Conversation is an Invitation

A hyper-local trans-national hybrid radio, collecting and transmitting conversations with people who pass through the Transit Lounge.
Start a conversation; tell a story about the places in between, what inspires you and keeps life interesting, adventures, dreams and visions… Socially engaged networks, embodied interactions, collaborative futures, informal esoteric floating oceans of conversation.

Radio in Transit receiving and transmitting from wherever you are.

"When I was young all I wanted to do was travel the world and meet interesting people. Now as a professionally nomadic artist & producer, I invite you to join me in conversations with extraordinary people doing amazingly creative things around the world. Listen in to share their stories and learn how these trailblazers have developed their own style across different fields. Each one has dedicated their lives to the exploration of creativity and meaning with passion & purpose."

Join us in the Transit Lounge and enjoy the free-form conversational flow into the future!

An oasis in transit. Collecting conversations instead of souvenirs. Dreaming new futures. As people pass through the Transit Lounge, they leave something of themselves and share in our 'home' radio space.






5th Inter-format Symposium on time (and inter-formativity) Nida Art Colony, Lithuania

The participatory nature of the symposium - between a conference and an art festival - brings together 40 professionals (artists, curators, scientists, researchers, time-managers). The 5th edition of the Inter-format symposium has two goals: To reflect upon and rethink the symposium as an experiential and discursive space where knowledge sharing happens in very different formats, beyond our usual understanding of what is a lecture and performance; To consider the role of time as a medium for sharing experiences and knowledge, including it’s out/on-goingness and limitations.

T.R.A.C.E.S. Tea & Radio Lounge with radioCona @ Open.Zone transmediale.11

CONVERSATION ARCHIVE: https://radiocona.wordpress.com/2011/03/10/traces-lounge-arhiv/

Traces Tea and Radio Lounge at The Open Zone during transmediale.11 offers a space for slow culture, open to relaxed interaction and deeper exchange with a live radio show, on-site collaborative publication, tea made from wild Lithuanian herbs, and cake! February 2011





Jodi Rose in conversation with Franco Berardi Bifo about the anxiety and pathology of the net generation, the attention economy, exhaustion and oil painting in the green room at transmediale.11 in Berlin.

Franco 'Bifo' Berardi is a writer, philosopher, media- theorist and activist. He founded the magazine A/traverso (1975-1981) and was a co-founder of Radio Alice, the first free pirate radio station in Italy. He was involved in the political movement of 'Autonomia' in Italy during the 1970s, then fled to Paris where he worked with the French philosopher Felix Guattari in the field of schizoanalysis. In 2002 he was an integral part of setting up the Telestreet movement in Italy. Berardi is currently a Professor of Social History of Communication at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Milan.


every conversation is an invitation





A hyper-local trans-national hybrid radio, collecting and transmitting conversations with people who pass through the Transit Lounge. Start a conversation; tell a story about the places in between, what inspires and keeps life interesting, adventures, dreams, failures, the future…




Audio report of Particle/Wave, in Helsinki, Finland as a part of the Pixelache festival April 2005.

Mixdown & Edit by Seamus O'Donnell (LifeLoop)

The piece was presented at RadioTesla, Berlin on the 18th of May. It consists of a mixdown of various live elements of Particle/Wave. Beginning with Jon Eriksens' hypersonance. Interspersed with phone-ins, sound bites from the seminar, field recordings, live performances from Mbar - Decangular Vibes by Tautvydas (Lithuania), Slackfurter and Son (California) + Shadowcasting (remote net performance, Steve Bradley, USA), sounds of the Ophone installation, short interviews. Jodi Rose testing a bridge + audio reports from a sauna + a kitchen.

Interviews, recordings and mixdown made by Seamus O'Donnell (LifeLoop). I developed the concept, co-managed call for applications and selection process, organised venues, accommodation, catering for 35 international participants and 100 guests, installed & co-directed programming for festival radio broadcast designed event program/opening night concert, produce live radio, facilitate networking & collaborations.


ABC Radio Feature Program

Do you dream of leisurely ocean voyages, navigating by the stars, drinking martinis, watching the ice flow, or the terror of being lost at sea? The romance of the cruise ship, the mystery of the far north, the dangerous depths and - wait a minute - and the latest in art and technology come together as we engage with a flotilla of artists, theorists, sound installations, electronic music makers, DJs and cultural catalysts gathered together on an aural cruise across the Baltic Sea. It's the International Symposium of Electronic Artists sharing ideas and ideology about what sounds best and how to deal with the might of the multi-media manifestation of mammon. So, join navigator-artist-observer Jodi Rose aboard the 'Silja' as we steam through an audio seascape that could only happen on The Night Air.

T.R.A.C.E.S Publication – Editor


Be someplace, not just any place, and not everywhere. Be where you are, look deep into the world from your point of view, and into the self, and out to the Other. Share what you experience”. TRACES started with a shared desire to bring together cultural workers who have adapted to increasingly high levels of professional mobility as a necessity for economic survival, in order to exchange skills, knowledge and experiences that we have accumulated through our personal journeys. Allowing a space for interaction outside the frenzied rush of relentless cultural production, we hoped to provide opportunities for a deeper exchange and understanding between participants and places, opening to inhabit the world in and through all our senses... drinking Lithuanian herb tea in the sauna, and eating cake.

Residencies & Workshops

2016 Agosto Foundation, Artist Residency, Prague

2015 Inter-Format Symposium, Conversation Documentation/Philosophy Karaoke, Nida Art Colony, LT

2013 Jodi Rose & le Pont du Diable Marriage Artistic, Art Sur Tech, AIR, Arles-sur-Tech France

2012 Sonic Fabric Workshop with Chicks on Speed, Hangar Barcelona ES

2011 Traces Artist in Residence, Nida Art Colony, Nida, LT

2009 Electrified Summercamp, Timelab & Vooruit, Ghent, BE

q-o2 Workplace for sound arts, Brussels, BE / Intro in Situ, Werkplaats, Maastricht, NL

2008 Fluvial Artist in Residence, European Sound Delta, Collectif Mu, Danube, SK,AT, DE, FR

ISEA AIR, National University of Singapore, Interactive & Digital Media Art Institute, Singapore, SG

AIR, Program Initiative for Art and Architecture Collaborations, Berlin, DE

2007 Transit Lounge Artist in Residence (AIR), Josetti Hoefe Gallery, Berlin, DE

2006 Whispers Across a Bridge, Diaspora Studio, National Theatre of Scotland & Zendeh, Glasgow, UK

2005 Time Place Space 4 – Performance Space, Anat & Pica, Adelaide, AU

2004 RAM 6 – Re-approaching New Media in the Baltic and Scandinavia, Vilnius, LT


Radio Features (PRODUCER)

2011 Traces Tea Lounge & Radio Cona, (Co-Host & Producer) Open Zone, Transmediale11 Berlin

2009 Transit Lounge Radio, (Host & Producer), Pixelache Festival Helsinki, FI

2007 Transit Lounge Radio, (Host & Producer), Transit Lounge, Berlin DE

2006 Live_Feed @ Electrofringe, ABC Radio National The Night Air NYWF Hour, TiN Radio AU

2005 Musique Concrete, Five Part Series on Up Late, (Producer) ABC Classic FM AU

Mobile Journeys - New Media, Mobile Phone Art, (Producer) The Night Air, ABC Radio AU

2004 Archipelago: On board the Silja Opera Ferry in the Baltic Sea at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts,(Producer) The Night Air, ABC Radio National AU

Songs and Stories of the Bridge: A Trip Across Australia, Radiophonic Artist in Residence Feature, (Producer) Radio Eye, ABC Radio National AU

Songs of the Bridge: Compositions, Up Late, (Producer) ABC Classic FM AU

1997 Emergency Phone, Earshots - The Listening Room – (Producer) ABC Radio AU



WDR German National Radio, ‘Sonic Australia’ Michel Rusenberg Cologne, May 2008

WNE Radio, Berlin/Paris 2008 Mikro.FM Berlin 2008 Transit Lounge Radio, Berlin & Helsinki 2007

702 Breakfast ABC Radio, Expats series interviewed by Sarah MacDonald 2006

AWIYE A World in Your Ear, BBC Radio 2005

The Mix, Radio NZ New Zealand National Radio, interviewed by Jody Lloyd 2005

Background Noise, featured guest with John Blades 2MBSFM Sydney 2005

Symbiosis 3RRR Melbourne Experimental Sound Program. June 2005

Kunstradio, Long Night of Radio Art, Ars Electronica Austria April 2005

Soundscape FM Garage Festival Straslund, Germany 2005

ÄÄNIRADIO and Grilli Radio, ISEA Helsinki 2005

RealAmbient WDR German National Radio, Michael Rusenberg Cologne Mar 2005

Furthernoise ResonanceFM London featured by Roger Mills, Feb 2005 http://www.resonancefm.com/listings/20050210.html

Next Big Thing WNYC Feature on New York Public Radio 2004

Flipper Interview, Swedish National Radio, April 2004

High and Low 3RRR Melbourne 2004/The Deep End, ABC Radio National 2004

NotMusik, REBoot FM, Berlin 2004

Furthernoise.org Visitors Studio live online interview 2004



2015 Online Release – 9 Albums of bridge music http://singingbridgesmusic.bandcamp.com/

2012 Site of Sound: Vol 2 Of Architecture and the Ear, Ed: Brandon LaBelle Errant Bodies Press, Berlin

2011 T.R.A.C.E.S. Transcultural Research Artist Curator Exchange Series, Editor, transmediale10 Berlin

2009 White Fungus, Interview by Song Ming Ang, New Zealand

2008 Alarm Magazine, Music & Art Beyond Comparison, Alarm Press USA

VELVET Magazine Issue 30, p28-29 'every bridge sings a song', Athens/London, UK

Radio Aporee Sound Maps, Project Space, Berlin, DE (www.aporee.org/maps)

2006 Sound Generation, Chronoplastics, Brooklyn NY (www.chronoplastics.com/)

2003 Taming the Wind: Aeolian Sound Practices in Australia, R. Bandt, WFAE, Melbourne AU

2001 Sound Sculpture, Intersections in Sound and Sculpture in Australian artworks, Ros Bandt, AU

1999 Like, Art Magazine, Volume 9. RMIT Uni "Report from Otira" August 1999

1997 Earshots - The Listening Room - ABC Radio National "Emergency Phone" August

Like, Art Magazine, Volume 4. RMIT Uni Spring 1997; Review "Australian Perspecta"

1996 HQ Magazine, follies page HQ Magazine Nov/Dec 1996

1995 Essays in Sound II - Technophonia, Sydney Contemporary Sound Arts, AU 1995

1994 ParaSite, Newsletter: Editor & Writer SCA 1994-1995

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